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March 11, 2010

McKenzie cheerleaders were honored at the MHS basketball banquet Thrusday night. They are, front row, from left, Hannah Harris, Kristen Mitchell, Kelsey Mattox, Anaceah Warren, Ashlee Hampton and Anna Cary; second row, from left, Brianna Oglesby, Taylor Webb, Hannah Herrin, Mallory Dunavan and Taylor Buckley. Not pictured: Hope Cunningham.
Winners of the academic award and the prestigious Andy Camp award are, far left, Mark Newman and, far right, Linley McClain. They are joined by former MHS basketball coach John Camp and his wife, former MHS teacher Karen Camp, parents of Andy, a former all-district basketball player and tennis standout who met an untimely demise 25 years ago.
McKenzie basketball and cheerleader seniors were recognized Thursday night at the basketball banquet. They are, from left, Mark Newman, Becky Jones, Evan Hudgins, Alex Gray, Kristen Mitchell, Linley McClain, Anna Carey and Seth Foster.
Three McKenzie girls' basketball players earned awards at Thursday night's banquet. They are, from left, Evan Hudgins (team first), Trevatia Bowden (best offense) and Kelsey Carr (best defense).
McKenzie boys' basketball team members were given awards at their banquet Thursday night. They are, from left, Shane Nunnery (best defense), Robert Taylor (best defense), Alex Pierce (co-MVP), Trevor Willis (most improved) and Max Arnold (co-MVP). Not pictured: Richie Clark (most improved).

Rebs, Lady Rebs honored at basketball banquet

Players, cheerleaders, managers lauded

Listen to banquet audio
Use Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player to listen


McKENZIE, Tenn. - McKenzie High School honored its basketball players and cheerleaders with its annual basketball banquet Thursday night.

Cheerleader coach Susan Dyer shared duties with Ladona Herrin this year and she offered gratitude to her. She also thanked the teams for their efforts.

"I thank the parents of the teams to get their kids their. We may not have won as many games as we wanted, but you work hard and that's fun," said Dyer. "And we thank you for allowing the girls to travel with you."

"It is a long season," she said. "We start in May and end in February and the girls work very hard. We thank the parents for getting them to the football games. We had a smooth year and we got along and we had a good time."

Dyer talked presented each cheerleader with a present and offered remarks about each member. The squad included Anna Cary, Kristen Mitchell, Mallory Dunavan, Hannah Herrin, Brianna Oglesby, Ashlee Hampton, Taylor Webb, Anaceah Warren, Kelsey Mattox, Hope Cunningham, Hannah Harris and Taylor Buckley.

Mitchell, the senior captain, gave a tearful address, thanking the sponsors and the squad.

"This has been an amazing year; everyone stepped it up," she said. "To all the juniors and Anna, of course, you were all great supporters and the season was fun. I'm going to miss you all next year."

McKenzie girls' basketball coach Dan Ridley offered thanks to people who supported the program, his family and his assistant, Rebecca Jones.

Ridley hoped that his players learned from the highs and lows of the basketabll season, learn life lessons and grow as people.

"Do we want to win every game? Sure we do. Do we want everything to go the way we want it to in life? sure we do, but it doesn't always work that way," said Ridley. "I hope we take the lessons we learned from this season that will build us as people."

Ridley recognized each player individually and made brief remarks about the season. The coach said that he wanted to spend more time talking about and honoring the seniors, but he did give out three awards.

The three seniors, Alex Gray, Evan Hudgins and Linley McClain each made remarks, some humorous, some tearful.

Gray had a humorous tale about each of the teammates.

"Thanks to McKenzie High School for allowing me to experience these four years as a ballplayer and to the ones I mentioned to make this a great journey," she said.

Hudgins offered an emotional address.

"Coach Ridley told Jill Taylor, Anna Trull and those seniors at the time that they better not blink because it will go by in a flash," said Hudgins. "I remember that exact same speech in the locker room in South Fulton and he was right, it's gone by fast...It's going to be weird this summer not coming back to camp....Never give up girls, you can be the best if you set your heart to it."

McClain was equally emotional.

"I just want to say you girls are amazing and I couldn't ask for a better group; from all of our times making fun of Coach Ridley and coach Bec, running around chasing each other around throwing balls, our days at the pep rallies when we were all together, it's been great," said McClain. "To our fun times on the court, our lows and our highs, you made this year great, I couldn't have asked for a better group and I'm going to miss all of you."

Trevatia Bowden earned the best offense award, Evan Hudgins won the team-first award and Kelsey Carr was won for best defense.

First-year McKenzie boy's coach Chris Wyatt offered his gratitude the administration and supporters of the team.

"When you start somewhere new, you are never exactly sure what the kids know and don't know," said wyatt. "It's tough to have no players who know what you want the group to know, so it's a lot of ways like having 20 freshmen. But we jumped right in and if you watched us play, we got better. I don't know how many times when the other coach came up and said your guys played hard. That's huge.

"There weren't any times where we said 'we give up," but we didn't," he said. "We improved. We got better everytime we played."

Senior Mark Newman gave a short and humorous speech.

"It's been fun this year, having a new coach, it's been fun and exciting," he said, then saying, "That's all" and waving to the crowd.

Six players won individual awards. Richie Clark and Trevor Willis each won most improved. Shane Nunnery and Robert Taylor were awarded best defense. Max Arnold and Alex Pierce were named co-MVPs.

McKenzie principal Tim Watkins presented the academic awards followed by COach Ridley with presentation of the Andy Camp Award. Both awards went to Mark Newman and Linley McClain.

Check the Carroll County News Leader for more Rebel coverage!

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